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Every Child is Special

desiree dela cerna Miyerkules, Agosto 8, 2012


 How I am not going to love this movie? Ishaan Awasthi . together with his innocent eyes made me laugh with his funny antics and as well rend my heart as he undergoes the agony of enduring boarding school alone and faraway from his parents. From commence to finish, the movie held my attention, and the musical portions included in my fascination. Each and every Child Is Special is one heart-touching movie.


Every Child Is Special is a Hindi drama film released in 2007 (Taare Zameen Par, interpretation: Stars On Earth) released and directed by Aamir Khan


  • Ishaan Nandkishore Awashti is an eight year old boy who always day dreaming and dislikes school and fails every test and exam.
  • Ran Shankar Nikumbh is an art teacher who voluntarily taught Ishaan to read and right.
  • Maya Awashti is Ishaans mother who gave up her career to raise her children.
  •  Nandkishore Awashti Ishaan's strict, hard, dominating father.
  • Yohaan Awashti who is Ishaan's elder brother.


Each and every Child Is Special is an eye opener regarding worth and significance of each child. The story refers to an issue that is real as it usually unrecognized-Dyslexia.


                Every Child is Special is a Hindi films directed by Amir Khan .The story is about an 8-year-old boy named Ishaan who cannot cope with the academic demands in school. He once complained that The letters are dancing!” when he was asked to read. Teacher threw him out of the class and the students who passed by the hall mocked him for being punished. Moreover, Ishaan reversed letters when he wrote and demonstrated a poor understanding of mathematical concepts. Sometimes if he commits mistakes everybody laughs at him or will shout on him just like what his father or even his mother did. He always find ways to laugh after evrybody laugh bout what his diong. He was at the risk of repeating a grade level again because of his poor scholastic performance.Too often, he may be caught by his teacher daydreaming and getting low grades.                          

          Ishaan began to evade homework and cutting classes because of his discouragement over his failings. Sometimes his father shouts and doing harsh against Ishaan. When his teachers advised his parents to avail of special education services, his family decided to send him to a boarding school instead in the hopes that the highly structured environment will straighten out his “behavioral problems”. But the academic status of Ishaan was not improve. Alternatively, he became withdrawn and lonely, far from the Ishaan who was active and fun-loving.
           Ishaan continued struggling with the same problems in his new school. When he was finally on the brink of suicide,Then came an alternative art teacher Ram Nikumbh discovered that he had dyslexia and consequently turned his life around. Ram Nikumbh change the best way Ishaan would act towards school and figure out how to appreciate himself even more, his art teacher who pay attention to Ishaan and to understand Ishaan whom his parents never finds what ishaan is.

            Towards the end of the school year Nikumbh organises an art fair for the staff and students. The competition is judged by artist Lalita Laimi, who portrays herself in the film. Ishaan, with his strikingly creative style, is declared the winner and Nikumbh, who paints Ishaan's portrait, the runner-up. When Ishaan's parents meet his teachers on the last day of school they are left speechless by the transformation they see in him. Overcome with emotion, Ishaan's father thanks Nikumbh. As Ishaan is getting into the car to leave with his parents, he turns around and runs toward Nikumbh. The film ends with a freeze frame shot of Nikumbh tossing Ishaan into the air.




         Hindi Films is a very inspiring movie it makes everyone to realize what maybe is right :)

There are many hindi films I already view. One of the Hindi films that touch my heart is the movie Every Child Is Special.

          Every Child Is Special is a movie that can tug the heartstrings and at the same time bring hope that having dyslexia is not really a desperate situation. . It tells in regards to boy, Ishaan Awasthi, who was simply always getting in trouble at school for being so misbehaving and out of focus from his instructional classes. Ishaan's father, Nandkishore Awasthi , is a successful executive who expects his children to excel. His mother, housewife Maya Awasthi, is frustrated by her inability to educate her son.  An alternative art teacher Ram Nikumbh who discovered that Ishaan had dyslexia and consequently turned his life around and change the best way Ishaan would act towards school and figure out how to appreciate himself even more, his art teacher who pay attention to Ishaan and to understand Ishaan.

        Ishaan their in the movie is a boy who cannot cope with the academic demand in school. He found his self happy for everything he wants to imagined. Because of his poor understanding in every lesson his teacher decided to talk to his parents.His father decided to send ishaan in a boarding school but the academic statu of Ishaan does not improved . Ishaan became lonely .There was once an altenative art teacher named Nikumbh who voluntarily teach Ishaan to right and read even to be the best way would act towards school and find out how to appreciate himself even more.In a competiton in arts Ishaan,screative styl is declared the winner . Finaly Ishaan's father is proud of what Ishaan did even in a simple way ,not from his father will but from Ishaan's will.

       The part that touch my heart  most was when his father decided to send her to a boarding school his mother that timetrying to please Ishaan's father to never send Ishaan to a boarding school because his mother knows that Ishaan cant stand by herself alone ,Ishaan also please his father like a child crying because he will be far away from his mother, brother even to his father. They send Ishaan to a boarding school as they arrive his mother and brother never stop crying like they lost their only fun loving brother and son.

    There are some part of the movie that we should never follow, specially those who is already parents and soon to become parents we should  never shout our child and never do some harsh agains them because of some mistakes they had done because it may affects the mind of the children healed in smooth Just like what Ishaans father did to him he sometimes shout to Ishaan and do some hars against Ishaan. Everthing heald in smooth ways we dont need to do harsh way to correct mistakes.

    My favorite and the best part of this movie is when Ishaan learn to love and trust  his self. His mother and father are crying because of too much happiness. I can feel the love of his parents to Ishaan and they are very proud of Ishaan.

 A happy Ishaan,
 before he leaves for the summer  holidays.


     . Adults should not demand that their kids top all their subjects so that they can live out the unfulfilled ambitions of their parents. Each child is special in the sense that they have their own calling, which may or may not be in line with what their families want. Moreover, as an OT, I highly regard this movie for advocating the “disability perspective”: that there are a lot of special children who have given up trying to meet age-appropriate demands because of disabilities. Every Child Is Special is a movie that can tug the heartstrings and at the same time bring hope that having dyslexia is not really a desperate situation. Friends and family support, patience, and love are central themes in this story.

              I highly regard this movie to everybody to realize that it is the parents and the caregiver who will distribute much to the development of their children.  Every Child Is Special is a movie that can tug the heartstrings. Do watch this movie I assure you the BEST !



                   HOPE you will ENJOY and LOVE the movie <3<3<3 
                                THANK YOU :*

 Desiree <3


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